OCDSB Trustee, Zone 11, River


This website is a conversation with you about how to protect and strengthen the quality of public education for all of us in Ottawa.

I have two girls in our public schools, and as a mother I share all the hopes and concerns for the future that you and your families do.   Together,  we can work through the School Board to safeguard and improve our school system in so many ways -- if we have School Trustees with the experience and compassion to make every student special.

My background in education,  senior management and political leadership gives me skills to contribute.  And my work with immigrants,  the business community,  the labour movement and school councils has helped me understand our community's concerns.

I am happy that we have been able to work together in recent years and look forward to ongoing efforts on your behalf in the future.

This website reports on the priorities that concern me, discusses ideas, and shares concerns that communities have identified. Please join in the discussion, as all of us work for a better future.

I hope to see you in the community!

Take care.